Birthday Dinner Per Person Cost

At Serpas in Atlanta, what a wonderful night with all the people I love, with great food, it was a great great night…I know I already said I said it was wonderful but my point is the other cool thing is that after the bill it was $66.666666666 per person and worth every satanistic dollar



It’s my Birthday….

2:47 pm - Picked up our matress for the condo, got emissions on my truck, purchased tag renewal online, got some Makers and Cokes, opened the shed to get some airflow, I’m ready for a great day at home.

3:51 pm - 51 crazy zone is playing on my bd itouch playlist, 3rd b&b, going out to take stock of my toolbox.

4:38 pm - 4th or is the 5th b&b (not sure, don’t care), playlist is awesome, my girl is even better, life is really good, now i’m going out to next step the box, smoke a winston (maybe 2 or maybe even 3).

5:15 pm - put a coat of paint on box and one coat on the lid and sides of the lid, came in cooled off, bathroom break, did a shot of patron with my honey at her request (damn u are too cool baby), (Reposado (“rested”) – aged a minimum of two months, but less than a year in oak barrels;), arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddin is flowing out of the system, my baby just said before I go out we must have another shot (see….one cool girl I got here fo’ sho),

5:42 pm - Took some photos for a cool skull montage of all the skulls in our house photo gallery, about to make another shot of teq, bout to see if box is dry, smoke some winstoonness, kiss my honey, just did another shot of teq (Añejo (“aged” or “vintage”) – aged a minimum of one year, but less than 3 years in oak barrels).

6:50 pm - did another shot of teq (silver this time, mc said it was the smoothest therefore her fave), posted some more skulls and stuff, bout to go out for another round with the box, posted/created a “skulls in our house" gallery.

8:59 pm - I’ve been fucking around with the box, went to the store for some snacks, spilled a drink in the shed, put the music on sirius. Time for some more box time after I kiss my honey. (fucking calltaker…douche…your time is done)

11:15 pm - awesome evening. played with some drivers and dispatchers for a bit which was actually fun cause of the dispatcher, re-did the ends of the box with large skulls, drank some more drink, found some more photos, posted some photos, discussed some scheduling with my sexy schedule maker, i still plan to do some more touch ups to the box, have another drink, (i do have to work tomorrow…remember that jeff) (who cares man…just do it and get yer ass up and deal)…(ok motherfucker), now warming up some nachos, getting my honey a coke (hope it brings a smile), …nachos are very yummy…i ate half while i warmed them up..

This day has been great…my honey always makes my bd special. My day was special today because I got to do all things I like to do….be at home with my baby, work on projects, drink, smoke, do nothing, sleep late,…and I know this day will continue on through for days to come…..this weekend there is gonna be a planned out cocktail party with my other two favorite people, the weekend is close, and next week I am taking off,….what a fucking life…..

no words can describe how lucky I truly am…

Cheers to me.

Big skull on the ends…the last photo is the main template that has painted a shitload of skull and just keeps getting heavier and heavier but works like a charm. I may have to touch up some red where the black oversrpayed but no big deal. I have 46 minutes left of the official bmf bd. I have enjoyed each minute of it and will keep on enjoying the bd week.

Skull Toolbox Update

added some photos of progress on my birthday

The photos are long loading big ones…i did that on purpose.

Some Tat ideas and other ideas too

A dogtag/chain around my neck but the necklace is ‘thrown’ over my back and not hanging straight but next to your name

Some addition to the ‘bmf’/ but do i really wanna mess with it? hmm

some ‘work’ on the orig tat / but do i really wanna mess with it? nah

birthday thinking:

I love my presents: rent and our incredible sex pistols art….you are the coolest baby.

I already had all I could ever want in life but I love my presents. I want nothing else but I would like to do some or at least one of these things my birthday/work vacation week with you:

  • go to wigwam and spend the night / get naked and crazy all night
  • matress for bed in our real bedroom
  • update or get a new tattoo in little five
  • orgasms / lots of them / sweat / screaming / damn…gets me to just think it / kissing / lots of kissing / a kissing session / mmm…
  • go to the studioplex market
  • go to a bar and have a drink with you